Monday, October 1, 2012

Girlfriends & Your Health

As a new working mom, it is easy to just “get through the day”:
change diaper, work, baby kisses, play with baby, sweep the floor, work, dust, change laundry load, stare at the pile of clean laundry still in the basket, cook dinner, pump, try to find a moment to kiss, ahem, baby daddy, clean the toilet, take a shower, go to your fourth meeting of the day, clean the shower while taking said shower, watch Ellen-Dexter-The Walking Dead or any TV show at that - try to watch the news, pump, change another diaper – fight to change baby in 3.5 seconds before she crawls away, clean bottles, nurse, cuddle sleeping babe to get just one more minute of the day with her, visit parents-siblings-or some family, make baby food… you get the idea.  Once you’ve gotten through the day, you think back and realize, you forgot to respond to four texts, three voicemails, eight emails and two Facebook messages… ugh.  Where have your girlfriends gone? 

They’re still there… waiting.  Some, less patiently than others.  Trust me. Sadly, I’ve already lost a few. 

I hate to jump on my 2012 soap box again, but I haven’t had the best 2012… thank God 2012 has turned the corner into being a good end to the year having my new baby (incredible, life altering experience) shortly preceded my dad having a major stroke and Harper being hospitalized (both horrific and terribly difficult situations).  Life hasn’t really made time for girlfriends and fun.  I have tried to take moments for girlfriends.  But, I haven’t succeeded very well. 

A Stanford study has proven that men, they live longer when being married to a woman hmm… interesting point huh?.  (You’re welcome Jeremy!)  Women?  We live longer nurturing relationships with our girlfriends.  Good solid girlfriend time is as vital as working out! (We have to make time for that too??)

That is why, I am officially taking a “girls trip”.  Sans baby daddy, sans baby.  Sans diapers.  Praise God!  I know I will desperately miss Harper and Jeremy, but a trip that includes nothing but girl talk, wine and a pool sounds amazing, let alone sleep and being allowed not to think, plan or make decisions for five whole days.  Blissfully planned.  I cannot wait to take some time to realign my life, body and soul.  I am thankful for a good group of girlfriends surrounding me who truly invest into my life and allow me to have a small place in theirs.  I could not ask for a better group of ladies to be surrounded with!

Thanks for all of your love, support, kindness and putting up with this crabby, MIA lady for the last 7.5 months!

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