Friday, February 3, 2012

One Month!

I can't believe my little girl is a month old already! Time truly has flown by. Here are some of Harper Kendall’s feats thus far:

· sleeping 6 hours at a time!!!

· eating well (she's packing on the ounces quickly)

· lost her belly button at four days old overachiever!

· communicating (she's definitely not a crier, but only does so when she needs something). Harper made her first coo at five days old overachiever!

· smiling (my girl is one happy lady)

· first Doctor’s visit at one week. AND Harper doesn't have to go back again until 2 months! She pee’d twice and pooped once on the exam table. Daddy was so proud.

· moving (she has begun to squirm about, kick her legs and arms quite often - getting stronger! I call it "exercise" ;) hehe)

· pooping through and farting, it’s a challenge, but she's learning!

· EVERYONE says they love Harper's name… This just makes Mommy wish no one knew it, so you could be the only Harper.

· getting Daddy and Mommy wrapped around her finger

· going to TARGET!

· going to the Burnsville Mall

· going to church, being called on stage and blessed by Pastor CJ

· going to Auntie Cari & Uncle Nick's, Nana & Papa's House, Grandma & Grandpa's Houses

· getting baby-sat by Grandma & Grandpa at one week and two weeks old!! Yay Mommy! J

· Going to visit Ms. Kate and Zachary at St. Francis when he was born (Harper's exactly two weeks older).

I am so thankful for you, Harper. I couldn't imagine going through my life without you in it. I'm enjoying all we get to do and all I've learned from being your Mom so far. I pray that God would give me the strength to be a good, wise, strong Mom. I want you to know how much Daddy and I love you. We cherish our time on "Summer Vacation", as Daddy calls maternity leave, to bond and grow with you and enjoy learning who you are. I pray that you are healthy, whole, wise and happy.

We believe:

You ARE smart.

You ARE beautiful.

You ARE important.

You ARE special.

You ARE the best!

courtesy The Help/Mrs. Rachel Burchfield/Daddy and Mommy revisions