Monday, October 15, 2012

Eating Mommy Crow

As I write this, I am blushing.  As the sayings go; I ate dirt, ate humble pie, ate my words, eat S#!+, swallowed my pride, tucked my tail…  I ate Mommy crow.  I.Was.THAT.Parent. 

You know, the parent at a wedding, with a crying baby.  Oh, my word.  My whole life this has been a vow to NEVER be that parent; taking your child to a wedding, when truly they should be left at home.  At home with a baby sitter.  Then, September 29th happened. 

Let me preface this; a few years ago I attended a wedding with my sister, Cari.  I was her date, because her husband was at home with the flu.  She and I attended an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception with her two young children.  Jackson and Emilie were well behaved during the ceremony, attentive and quiet.  But, the night went to hell in a hand basket at the cocktail hour.  During the appetizers, Jack was eating a cracker and choked.  He coughed and coughed... until he threw up - in front of the entire wedding who was standing four feet from us, in the line for appetizers.  I was mortified.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, during dinner Emilie straight up had the flu and threw up all over our table.  Luckily, I tossed a plate in front of her just in time, so she didn’t cover our table with vomit.  Cari ran her to the bathroom, where she emptied her stomach and then some.  I apologize once again to those who shared our table that day.  Thankfully, the bride and groom never knew the better… but, that is the day I vowed I would not be the parent with a child who shouldn’t have been at the wedding. 

I was my cousin, Michelle’s, personal attendant.  She and Garland started dating around the time Jeremy and I got engaged.  They have worked hard to earn their degrees before getting engaged and married.  Their wedding was a hot, sunny Fall day in MN.  But, my Harper was sick.  Ugh. 

I left home at 9:30 AM and didn’t go back. With all of my family attending the wedding and Jeremy’s parents in California, we didn’t want to leave a shick baby with almost strangers watching her.  Jeremy had her sleep late for her midday nap to see if she could sleep off her stuffy nose.  She woke happy and attended the ceremony happy (mostly because she saw Mama then).  But, as time wore on after the ceremony Harper became wheezier and crabbier.  We left the church because it was musty and old, hoping that would cure her worsening condition.  During the reception I ran around and made sure the bride and reception was taken care of.  Jeremy watched a fussy, inpatient, squirmy almost-9-mo-old.  He kept her attention and happiness, as long as he could.  Finally, she broke.  Cries of, “Mama, Mama, Mamamaaa” and “Baba, bababaa” (asking for either her bottle or to nurse!) were screamed in the reception.  Ugh, I was so mortified.

Finally, as late as we could push it we left.  I felt bad for the bride, but this Mama had her duties mostly accomplished and had a higher duty to tend to.  My poor girl just wanted her Mama holding her.  I have to say, I will still aim to keep that vow in the future.  I don’t want to ruin someone’s ceremony or reception with my children misbehaving, whether they know it or not! 

Disclaimer; Harper was happy and content, entertained by her Daddy, Kurt & Kayci Charter and her cousins.  She even ventured into a photo booth for the first time and loved it!  J

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