Monday, October 15, 2012

nine month FAVORITES

Harper has really grown and advanced over the past month.  She is learning many, many new things and has begun to excel in her playing and learning skills.  So, here’s an update on her/our favorites right now.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ Stride-to-Ride® Puppy.  This is an awesome toy which will stay with her for a while.  Right now she just sits beside it and plays unless we set her atop it; but eventually she can ride and walk with it.  (Thank you Auntie Jess & Aubrey!)

Harper has gotten into different sounds and noises… with that I want her to learn musical sounds and noises.  She loves to sit and play music with her little tikes Baby Tap a Tune Piano and LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum.  I especially love the drum because it has different play options:  alphabet, dance along and musical play.  It also has a Spanish setting!  She will learn a lot playing this drum.

Baby on the go became a new challenge when Harper started eating food regularly.  Food had to be ready for on-the-go, a bib and definitely a change of outfit were necessary (once again).  I have made most all of Harper’s food.  But, Plum Organics have these awesome baby food squeeze pods which are mess free and easy to use.  Plus, they’re organic!  Who can pass these up on a $1.25 sale for a 6 or 4-pack!  Happy Baby/Happy Tot also carries their varieties of baby pouches which are organic as well. 

As Harper is growing, she will require more water and gaps is getting old enough to use a sippy cup!  I didn’t think we were anywhere near close enough, but that’s what is planned for her learning and development.  Since she has bottles down to a pat (this girl “lounges” while downing her bottle.)  Avent sippy cups are awesome because they convert from a bottle to sippy cup which help ease the learning process for your babe.  Harper can chug her some water and loves acting like a big girl with her sippy cup. 

Destroying a tower is every child’s dream, right?  Well, Harper looooves to have a tower built and knock it down.  The Shure Cutesie Wooden Blocks are wooden and have the best designs on them.  They have the whole alphabet and numbers up to 30 I believe.  I love their look and feel.  Easy for Harper to hold, but also will grow with her in counting and alphabet. 

It’s Fall in MN and the cold weather is just around the corner.  We’ve not pulled out full on Winter gear yet, but Harper’s Baby Gap Sweatshirt fits sooo well and it is fleece lined which keeps her snug as a bug.  Shoes are every Mom’s nightmare.  They are pulled off, fall off and are a pain to get on!  Robeez go on easily and stay put.  Babies can tug and pull, or even chew on them while wearing.  They also aide in learning to walk because they form to the child’s foot instead of a hard-soled shoe which are difficult for a new walker to wear.  Similar options are sold at Target on the cheap!

I toss those Robeez on Harper and let her have at it in the Graco Walker.  This car will pass her driver’s test first go at it!  She’s got parallel parking down like none other.  She pulls right up next to anything and everything (she isn’t supposed to – the wine rack, the dvd shelf, etc…) and literally runs about the house, all while giggling!  I love seeing her mobile, yet contained.

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