Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eight Months and growing!

Poor girlie, she's fighting a bad cold and looks terrible here...

·         Last trip to the cabin… how I wish you could grow to love this place as I do.  You giggled with your cousins, played in the dirt, ate leaves, swamp in the lake for that last time… My love, learn this life lesson; enjoy what you have when you have it! J
·         Mommy took almost every Friday afternoon to be with you.  You and I spent every moment we could together before you get too big… while Mommy had Summer hours. 
·         Snuggling early on Saturday and Sunday mornings are your favorite way to wake up.  Mommy brings you to bed if it’s too early to wake up.  You coo and giggle while Mommy and Daddy rest.  Then you begin to wake us up.  You love every moment in our room, in our bed. You get proud of yourself.  J
·         Crawling.  Oh child.  This mama isn’t ready for your crawling!  You are too mobile and I am too tired.  Ha.  You love to push yourself about the room army crawling.
·         Mama.  Dadda.  Baba (bottle).  Hi.  Papa.  Bye.  No.  Yes.  Rara (Sasha).  Words are just beginning to come!  It’s too cute to hear your calls from the crib in the morning, “Mama.  Ma Mama.”  How can I resist?
·         You’ve fallen madly in love with your cousins.  You get exuberant when they are around.  You study Jackson, Emilie and Claire’s moves.  You watch them talking and mimic their actions.  This I fear and cherish.  I pray you learn the good and ignore the bad. 
·         You clap.  Mama sings a song and you clap with all of the accomplishment in the world on your face: “Open, close them. Open, close them.  Clap, clap, clap.  Open, close them.  Open, close them.  Put them in your lap, lap, lap.”  You haven’t figured out what your lap is yet.
·         You are now too big for the swing.  Sigh.  It's less than entertaining for you and makes you agitated to be contained... and you've begun to attempt bungee jumping!  (being strapped in and .
·         You love to wave hello and good-bye.  You told the Dr "Bye" and waved at your 7 month appt!
·         You officially cried for the first time when Grandma Menz left... (you made her day month!).
·         You learn new things every day.  you sit and watch Mommy & Daddy talk.  you mimic our sounds and giggle when we sound silly.  You’ve (finally) begun to love to cuddle.  Oh, child.  Please never lose this.
This has been most of the last month!

I am so thankful for you, Harper Kendall.   I can look back over the last eight months and already wish I had done things different… I choose to believe God has equipped your Daddy and I to raise you right, to follow His will and to be a good person.  I love you wish a love that is indescribable and unreasonable, a love that I didn’t know existed.  I believe God will use you for might things and you will be a bold person for Christ.  I wish you knew how spectacular you are.  You are incredibly smart and inquisitive.  I pray you never lose that lust for life and learning.  Someday, I hope we are the best of friends and our bond wll be unbreakable. 

I call you are healthy, whole, wise and happy. 

We believe:
You ARE smart.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE important.
You ARE special.
You ARE the best!

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