Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nursery Projects!

This weekend Jeremy has been out of town, so I've worked on several projects for the nursery. Here are a few things I have done:

A. Progressive Wall Art (here is a sample of what I want to do when the baby is born)
1. buy canvas (bought at thrift store for $3)
2. remove canvas from frame for use
3. paint 4. complete! ready for baby foot prints when she's born! :)
B. Wall Art
1. buy kinda cute cheap canvas (bought for $10 at Home Goods)
2. make cuter?
3. add wording to both (1" and 2" letters were used)
4. paint
5. peel letters!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Countdown!

When I woke up this morning I began my routine of talking with to my baby; no, I’m not completely crazy, you’ll do the same thing when you’re pregnant (they say, your baby needs to hear your voice and bond with you… while in the womb) praying for her, telling her how much I love her, thinking about my day, worrying wondering if my husband was alright because he hadn’t called when he got to his hotel room last night, ahem (he might was in trouble). This morning I started to think about two people who are gearing up for delivering their babies. Jessica (Jeremy’s sister) and Rachel (a friend) are 25 days away from their due date – September 21st! I can’t believe their big day is almost here.

I thought about Jessica in California by herself, trying to prepare for not only delivery but raising a child by herself. I thought about the fear, loneliness and apprehension I would be feeling… and am kind of feeling for her. I am thankful that Cindy (my MIL) is able to fly out a few days before her due date and stay for a month to help Jessica with little Aubrey Grace. I’m thankful for her wonderful girlfriends in California, Devina and others, who will also be there to support Jessica and be there when the baby is born. I know Jessica is strong and will carry this journey well, but I can’t help but say a prayer for the path she preparing to walk.

Then, I thought about Rachel and Jordan and their little Jaden, (possibly, Javen? – undetermined yet) who will be here soon as well. I know Rachel and Jordan has been preparing for this baby for a little while… and Rachel has the support of not only her husband but their families and a huge church family (they are Youth Pastors) surrounding them. Rachel’s baby has an issue with his heart and the doctors are saying he needs to have open heart surgery the day he is born. I cannot imagine what Rachel and Jordan are feeling and how they have to be looking to God for understanding and direction through this situation.

I began to pray these things for both women and their babies:

Isaiah 40:29 “God gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.”

Psalm 139:13-14 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (I pray this over Baby M daily and it's going up in her room)











Easy deliveries

No post partum depression

Rest & relaxation before the baby comes

Rest after the baby comes

Quick healing for their bodies

Quick bonding with their babies

Milk to come in quickly and painlessly

Wisdom for the nurses & doctors

An extra boost of health for little baby Fleig and his possible surgery.

An extra boost of ability and strength for Jessica being a single mom.

I think about less than a month out from Baby M and I get anxious… so I pray that God gives these ladies all that they need to prepare for their children as well as the big change in their lives. I'm so thankful we have a God who supplies our needs and knows what is to come.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Half-way there!

Well, we've made it half-way to baby Menz! It feels good to have gotten this far, feeling (for the most part) great! Jessica, Jeremy’s sister, and friends of ours, Jordan and Rachel, are exactly one month away from their little ones! This is Rachel and I yesterday. She is 36 weeks, I’m almost 21.

And Cari and me. Both almost 21 weeks!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Nursery

Now that we know WHAT we are having, it makes the whole planning for a baby much easier! Biggest task – NURSERY.

I know I don’t want a big girly all pink nursery or completely white nursery (the baby is going to dirty that up, right quick!). I want something fun, exciting and stimulating for the baby. But, our baby room is quite tiny. I need to decide what to do about the twin bed that is in there right now. Originally, I thought I might keep it in that room for visitors and such, but I just might move it downstairs. We’ll see. Here are some nursery ideas I love.

I'm loving the grey walls, maybe that's what I need to do!
How adorable is this owl mobile!?

I love how easy these fabric spools covered in fabric decorate a wall!

One of my favorite places to browse baby ideas is, courtesy of the same lovelies that bring you

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Girl Reactions

Jeremy has said the following:
"Oh no, she's gonna break my heart."
"We might as well get a girl first... girls are easier right?" (umm, no my dear, they are not)
"Girl diapers. That's scary."

Grace said, "Awww, well maybe you'll get a boy next."
Emilie screamed, dropped and phone and rag away yelling for Jackson to tell him. :)
Mandy said, "That's my favorite kind of baby!" I love it!

Baby Girl Menz Pictures

Here are better photos of baby Menz!

It's a girl-o!

Baby girl's profile again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a Girl-o

Baby Menz is a girl! Or as my niece Emilie would say, “It’s a Girl-o!” Today we had the great joy of seeing our baby in all her glory this afternoon. My father-in-law, Ken, my mum, Jeremy and I went to our 20 week ultrasound at 1:30 PM today. Baby M is not only a girl, but she is healthy and perfect.

The Doctor’s only concern is that she isn’t head down… but that is something that could change with any movement she makes. Let me tell you, she takes after her dad already – she moves constantly. I am not sure Jeremy thought I was serious when I said she was always moving… until seeing the ultra sound and she was constantly moving. There’s a large flat screen TV in the room for mommy-to-be to view her baby while the ultrasound is happening. Which is so amazing to watch your baby and not just feeling what is happening. Seeing all the action is so much better. Thank God for eyes! We saw everything; baby’s heart, all 4 valves, arteries going in/out of her heart, stomach, bladder (which are functioning… guess getting pee’d on the inside is getting me ready to be pee’d on in the future?), her eyes, mouth, lips, head, spine, arms, legs, hands, feet… all in perfect condition! You’ll see the profile picture with her hand extending from her face (maybe sucking her thumb?). The next one is her foot.

By saying we saw our baby ‘in all her glory’, I meant it. Literally. Baby girl is NOT modest. Not sure if that comes from Jeremy or me or both… uh oh! Maybe that’s a bad thing! She was showing off her privates, with not a speck of care for who saw. You can tell by the picture, it looks like she is sitting on the camera, basically. They call it a hamburger… to buns and the (two lines show a vagina) fixings.

So, a little girl it is! Tomorrow, my sister finds out the sex of her baby – due the same day as our baby girl. Can’t wait!

(picture 1 - profile w/ hand near face. picture 2 - foot (print) with hand in front of toes. picture 3 - girl-o parts. not shy!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Pregnant, Not Just Pudgy

So, for the past few weeks I've begun to wish I constantly wore a shirt that said, "I'm pregnant, not just pudgy." Hmm... maybe I'll make one.

About a week and half ago, Jeremy and I saw my girlfriend's in-laws who were in town from out of state. We celebrated my friend's son's 4th Birthday! (Crazy to think I have friends with children who are 4, or starting First Grade and even a nephew who just started Kindergarten this week! I’m getting old.) We sat and chatted for a bit and Jeremy said, “Well, you know, we are expecting our first in January, right?” To which a response was given, “Oh good, I just thought she was eating too much and it was starting to stick in the mid-section.” In. All. Seriousness. It wasn’t a joke. Granted, I’ve heard a bit from Mister before and this isn’t out of the norm but I almost flipped out! So, I laughed it off said “Screw you,” and “Aren’t you getting a little ‘round” in the mid-section yourself?” under my breath. How sweet of him to notice. I’m 5 months pregnant!

I finally forced myself to try on maternity clothes. (See photo. Ignore lazy eye.) Let me tell you, you might not look so pregnant, until you put maternity clothes on! I believe they are made to beam a spotlight accentuate very nicely your ‘mid-section’ which is growing and gaining enough attention from anyone who knows your pregnant, let alone the random person in line at Target behind you.

As of yesterday, I officially have to wear a rubber band. Or a belly band. But those are just annoying. The whole rubber band solution works much better. But, I have had to force myself into a couple maternity t-shirts because they are longer and cover up my completely unzipped/unbuttoned jeans!

4 days ‘til we find out what we are having! My Grandma has graciously offered to sew up the necessary items for the baby’s crib, windows, etc… Thankfully, that will save us a couple hundred $$!

I can’t wait to find out so I can go pick everything out! J