Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Pregnancy symptoms. Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way. Some fabulous. Some, not as much. I can’t complain… that much. Here is what I’ve gone through so far:

Morning all-day sickness.

Vomiting. (Let me say, the part about being sick with the flu and throwing up, you feel better… with pregnancy you only feel worse after throwing up.)


No desire for sex.

Constant need to eat combined with repulsion to former favorite - any food (Mexican – this is truly a tragedy)

Sore breasts.

Cramps. Some period like. Others, clearly my uterus’ growing pains. Typically, on the left side.

Tiredness. Exhaustion.

Emotions. Thankfully, I’ve recognized the moments I’ve felt (overly) emotional and pre-warned Jeremy. Or rather, Jeremy is thankful.

Those are just the “bad” things. Everything else is exciting and new. Mostly I’m just wishing and waiting for the time that I actually feel the baby move and look pregnant. Not just … pudgy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today I saw my baby move, heard his heartbeat and saw the little pitter patter of his heart on the screen. I had my first ultra sound. 6 weeks 4 days pregnant and that lil bugger has a strong and healthy heart.

Even though it's still only a blob on the screen at an ultrasound and the movements are very minimal, that heartbeat is as visible as a firework in the sky.

Seeing your baby's heart beat just makes the entire experience so, so real.

I'm due January 3rd. I'm so thankful for God's hand on my body and this baby.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Jeremy and I had just returned from a long weekend away to celebrate our Anniversary. 2 years of marriage. The good. The bad. The difficult. The fun. The enjoyable moments. We had a fabulous weekend in Northern MN.

I spent the weekend running (12 - 8 - 10 miles), getting pampered, taking long bicycle rides with Jeremy, riding through the Northern Woods in MN Iron Range, watching deer, shooting guns, sleeping (not as much as I wanted), eating... although, only a bit, but mostly – feeling sick.

Camps. My boobs hurt. I felt sick around any sort of food. I got winded easily, with the exception of running. I could run 12 miles like a pro… without difficulty, but walking up a flight of stairs I was completely winded. I had my period in April, a light period. So I thought I had to have been barely (3 weeks tops) pregnant.

We came home. Sunday. Mother’s Day. I said to myself, “Well, today’s as good of day to find out I’m going to be a mother as any other, right?” So, I took a test.

One line. Two lines. Pregnant. I almost threw up in the bathroom sink. I already really knew that I was pregnant. Just didn’t have confirmation of it. “Great.” I thought, “Now, I have to go spend a couple hours with my family and Jeremy’s parents to celebrate Mother’s Day. Get your act together!” I was in a daze.

Just as I thought, throughout that night my mum asked me a couple times if I was alright. I told her I was just tired from our long drive home after the weekend away.

Happy Mother-to-be Day. A happy one, it truly was. J

Baby Menz Blog

I wanted to start off by saying, I'll be frank. That's just how I'll be with this blog. Straight forward. Up front. Raw and real.

A couple girlfriends asked me to dish about pregnancy and all its ups and downs. So, that's just what I'll do. :)

I'll call my baby "him" until we know otherwise. Calling a baby "it" just seems wrong. I'm not too eloquent or witty, so it's just me that you'll get. That's all.

Here we go...