Monday, January 16, 2012

Harper Kendall Menz

Introducing Harper Kendall Menz!

Born January 6, 2012 at 5:46 AM

8 pounds 1 once, 20 ½ inches

Mommy labored for 8 hours and pushed for one hour. You came out sideways! Is that setting a precedent for the future? The doctor told Mommy she would have only pushed for 30 minutes had you been positioned right. Mommy's water broke around 2 PM at work eeek! She went to the doctor’s office, the hotel for work and finally home. Mommy took a shower while Daddy got everything ready. Daddy and Mommy finally got to the hospital at 5:30 PM. There was an emergency and we were brought to a delivery room instead of intake. Mommy found blood on her delivery bed YUCK! and the nurse switched it out. Daddy and Mommy walked for three, one hour periods to start Mommy’s labor. Daddy played on the iPad while Nana slept and Mommy tried to get through her contractions. Auntie Cari brought Hank to see you born. He slept until after you made your appearance! Auntie Mandy photo-documented Mommy’s labor and your delivery so Daddy could focus on being with Mommy while she pushed. Nana and Cari were great coaches as well. Mommy proudly labored and delivered you without an epidural or any pain medicine. Overachiever! You screamed bloody murder when the nurse took you from Mommy’s chest to check your vitals… until Daddy started talking to you. I believe you two fell in love at that moment.
Grandpa Ken came to visit you right after you were born. Grandma Cindy came a few hours later. Papa and Auntie Gracie came that night because Gracie had school. She was very tired because she stayed up all night to pray for Mommy and you, as you made arrival. You became the perfect baby instantly. Eating within 30 minutes of birth, sleeping long periods, cuddling up to Mommy or Daddy. You smiled at Mommy the day after you were born. Every doctor and nurse thought you were gorgeous, but Mommy already knew that. Mommy told Daddy she didn’t think she prayed hard enough because you looked like a baby version of him but cuter. Daddy changed all of your diapers in the hospital. He was a charm! (AND he cleaned our entire house when we got home!!!) Daddy and Mommy teared up when we got to bring you home from the hospital. Daddy stopped at “our” Starbucks in the Galleria… such a symbol of our life together. (Daddy bought Mommy coffee there after their first date.) Daddy’s a sweetheart, just don’t tell anyone!
You had LOTS of visitors!

Nana, Papa, Gracie

Grandpa and Grandma

Auntie Cari, Uncle Nick, Jackson, Emilie, Claire and Henry

Mandy and Austin

Tracy and Elizabeth

Anthony and Lesley

Kyle, Bailey and their nephew

Samarah and Brian

Darren and Lesley

Kate and Louis (and Zachary too)

Danny, Beka, Issak, Zakary, Madeline and Eli...

You’re popular already!

I cannot wait to begin our journey together, my love bug. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m blessed to call you mine.

I call you healthy, whole, wise and happy.

We believe:

You ARE smart.

You ARE beautiful.

You ARE important.

You ARE special.

You ARE the best!
courtesy The Help/Mrs. Rachel Burchfield/Daddy and Mommy revisions

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