Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flips and Fluttering Feet

For the past few weeks I’ve felt little flutters and possible kicks… but I haven’t been quite sure. Kinda, is that my stomach or gas or what-have-you… Until last week. Week 17. I officially felt baby move and that was no little flutter. That was a full fledged flip! I could tell by how the baby moved that he flipped himself over. Of course, I put my hand on my stomach and could feel the movement inside as well as the baby pushing against my stomach. What an amazing feeling… to feel how alive he is inside of me. He’s a mover! That’s for sure.

Friday night Jeremy and I went to the drive-in with several friends. Halfway through the first movie ‘lil mister started moving quite a bit. So, Jeremy put his hand on my stomach and waited. Within a minute, he felt the baby moving! I wish I could have captured his expression. Pure joy and pride. Jeremy was absolutely excited. He immediately started talking to the baby. He told me later that it makes it feel real. It was a fabulous moment to share together. Now, at least, Jeremy knows my morning sickness wasn’t all fake.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Jeremy and I chose not to jump into parenthood right off the bat even with TONS of pressure because we wanted time together. We were able to experience so much together before we had kids.

Last week I started thinking about some of my favorite moments with him.

-dancing in the rain, after Carrie Underwood on my Birthday, Nashville 2008

-San Francisco trip, Sept 2008

-MANY cabin trips – 4th of July 2011 swimming, cabin with the Menz 2011, teaching Sasha to swim May 2008

-Visiting Idyllwild – riding in the convertible, CA where Jeremy grew up, Sept 2008

-breaking down on our scooters, Bahamas, Honeymoon trip, May 2009

-horseback riding with the Hollis family, Halloween weekend 2009

-riding in the convertible through the country roads, Nashville trip, Halloween weekend 2009

-many, many snowboarding days at Afton Alps, Winter 2009, 2010, 2011

-Duluth trip with the Pastricks – Black Water Lounge/Spirit Mountain, March 2011

-4th of Julys with the Hilgers - 2010 and 2011

-NYE with the Moedings to Duluth, MN – 2009, 2010, 2011

-A.G. Tomson House with the Jesters, Moedings and Menzs shortly after our engagement

-Avaleen Spring Bed & Breakfast – scariest and most memorable B&B we’ve stayed at

-phone call from Jamaica, the night Obama was elected – Nov 2008

-Jeremy’s first baby sitting experience with Jackson and Emilie – Spring 2009

-teaching Jeremy about Black Friday shopping, Nov 2008

-Horseback riding for Jeremy’s Birthday – Sept 2009

-A to Z Produce – farm fresh pizza, Wisconsin, Summer 2010

-long motorcycle rides – Alphabet Roads, Wisconsin

-Date nights with Chipotle and the Hopkins $ theatre

-Jeremy’s surprise Birthday party, Sept 2009

-Mall of America day with Jackson and Emily, April 2011

-Impromptu stops for dinner or drinks throughout our entire relationship

-Brave New Workshop with the Pastrics, Dec 2010

-Blizzard weekends with the Giffords, Dec 2010

-Couch Sundays with the Giffords

-Halloween Party – Oct 2010

-Christmas Tree cutting and decorating – Dec 2009 and 2019

-Krmarczuk’s for traditional Ukrainian food – July 2010

-Waterloo IA trips to see Blake – April 2009, Aug 2010

-Surprise trip to London from Jeremy – July 2010

-tattoos on our Honeymoon – May 2009

All of the wonderful things we’ve done together I will cherish forever. I’m so very excited to see all the amazing memories we will make together, and with our children in the future.

Symptons II

Hunger, without a desire to eat. Feel like I eat all the time, but barely have room for food with the baby in there!
Tight pants.
4 lbs. weight gain.
Little baby flutters, here and there! (FINALLY!)
Much more excitement about being pregnant... finally starting to feel pregnant and I'm enjoying that.

Oh and, the sex thing, that's gotten better. Thank goodness. You know, for Jeremy's sake.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catching Pregnancy

Well, you can’t quite “catch” pregnancy… but it seems like when you find out one person (even more so when it’s YOU) is pregnant, you find out a ton of people are pregnant!

Me. Jan 3

Cari. Jan 3

Jessi (sister-in-law). Sept 21

Two friends from church. Sept 21 and Jan 28

Co-worker. Nov 4.

Long-time girlfriend. Jan 18

Cousin. Feb 18

Good friends. Feb 14

Babies galore! Who’s next?

Friday, July 8, 2011


I had to share this one, because it made/makes me laugh.

When we told a couple close to us that we were pregnant, the husband immediately turned to Jeremy and said, “Let me tell you… pregnancy boobs, they’re the best!”

Jeremy said, “I know man!”

Oh. My. Goodness. Finding joy in the little things, right?

My face was bright red. (If only my boobs stayed this way.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 Months!

Thank the LORD! I made it through the first 3 months. Let me tell you, I’m so very thankful to reign in month three because I have (slightly) begun to feel much better. Food tastes better and actually stays down. I’ve gotten a slight bump and starting to feel pudgy. We celebrated 4th of July with our lovely friends, the Hilgers, on Prior Lake. Here’s my 3 month shot from that day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bungee Jumping

I’ve never been sky diving. But I’ve been bungee jumping. They say these two activities provide similar emotions.

Excitement. Nerves. Fear. Joy.

The first part of the experience is all nerves and fear… with a tinge of excitement. The second half a high like no other. Excitement, joy and a rush of adrenaline that can’t be fabricated!
I don’t do drugs. Can’t compare bungee jumping to a drug high. Jeremy has been sky diving several times. He says it’s far better than anything you can put in your body.

Sharing the “bun in the oven news” feels similar. A bit of fear and nerves right before you share the news. Then once you’ve done so and people react (positively) it’s so exciting.

Like I said, pregnancy is a drug you want to share. You want to tell everyone you’re pregnant and not just fat. And then you want everyone to get pregnant with you. A drug. You share. C’mon let’s all do this together!

Here are a few of the reactions we’ve gotten so far:

-My co-worker almost spit her coffee everywhere in the midst of meeting then starting crying.

-Another co-worker started bawling and said this was the best news she’s heard in ages.

-One friend wouldn’t believe me for several hours. Told me to quit joking with them. Until I told her call my mum for verification.

-My boss said “Budget note for 2012 – maternity leave. Thank you Lindsay.” I’m glad I can help out.

-One girlfriend jumped up and down (she’s had the pregnancy drug and wanted to share) and was so, so excited. Made my night.

Direct Quotes:

-“Oh thank God! We had started to wonder if we did something wrong… since we hadn’t hung out with you guys much. It’s only because you’ve had morning sickness.”

-“That makes me feel so much better about trying for our own this Fall.”

-“I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous.” - to which of course I responded with, “Well, hurry up and get pregnant!!”

-“I’m going to grab Bob, have lots of sex tonight and try to get pregnant!” Name has been changed for privacy purposes.

And one of the top best reactions yet:

-“This is the best day ever. I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life.” ~ Cari Thunker. My sister has been begging for nephews or nieces for ages. And to add to our excitement, Cari and I are both pregnant due on the same day.

It’s been a joy to share in our excitement with our family and friends. We are so thankful for all of the great reactions and excitement you’ve shared with us. For several of our family members and close friends we either mailed or handed this poem to announce our pregnancy. The poem was enclosed in a diaper shaped envelope.

I have some precious news for you today,

a brand new baby's on the way!

My parents feel so very, very blessed,

boy or girl, I will let you guess!

My parents are full of joy and happy tears,

they cannot wait to meet their little dear.

To hold me snug and tight,

and rock me gently through the night.

I'm glad to share my arrival with you,

And share all my parents excitement, too,

For it is time to celebrate,

We can hardly wait!

In January, (insert new title – Great-Grandma, Auntie, Uncle, etc…), you will be

Between now and then, say lots of prayers for me

Get ready, for lots of love you must show

Right now, I need your patience while I grow.

Love, Baby M

Much like bungee jumping, once you’ve done it you don’t want to stop! Once we told those closest to us… I’ve wanted to just tell everyone else! But, we have a few more family members we haven’t seen who we need to share our baby news with.

No Facebook announcement has been made. Does that mean we are not “officially” pregnant then?? ;)