Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Update

Almost 9 weeks left! Oh my.

Petal is now 16" long (holy crap - how in the world does she fit inside of me???) and weighs at least 3 lbs. She is bigger than a large sized head of cabbage. Her vision is continuing to develop this week. Although she can see (she can even see light THROUGH my stomach/skin/etc...), Petal will have 20/400 vision when she is first born. Her vision will continue to develop throughout her early months after birth until she reaches 20/20 vision.

Petal now not only flips but interacts with me ok – just let me believe that she is!!. If she kicks me in a certain spot, I rub her foot or leg or hand or whatever appendage she prefers to use at that moment to maul my insides gently prod for my attention. If I stop rubbing, she will once again kick/punch that same area until I rub my belly/her body as I had been. It’s an interesting and exciting cycle. Although, I’d much prefer to do this while holding her… therefore eliminating my bruised insides. Yesterday she was positioned properly (good job, Petal)! But today, I think she's back to being breech/transverse as she has been for the most of my pregnancy. Sigh... we can try again in a couple weeks Petal. After 36 weeks is when position truly matters. I can tell you, her little head on my bladder was a WHOLE different world yesterday. I pee'd more than I have in my entire life ok, not really - but close enough!! 5 times during the night. Sick, isn’t it? I've perfected the "sleep-walk pee" where I don't even open my eyes.

Doctor visits every two weeks are useless BORING. Let me tell you. Measuring my belly, weighing me in and checking my blood pressure feels like a waste of time repetitive at this point. I’m so ready for it a break from it, or for Petal to be here already. I take that back – I’m SO not ready for Petal to be here. Too much to do still!

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  1. loved this - too funny :) I think you're convincing me to start one of these also... although I'm pretty certain that I'm going to be horrible about ever updating it ;)