Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn is... or isn't Upon Us?

Well, it's Autumn in MN but we've had usually warm weather - 80's-90'sF! And I've loved EVERY minute of it. :) I'm SO not ready for true cold Fall weather nor Winter... Partially, because I want MN Summers to last all year long (well, I'd take a couple months of Autumn and a miniscule time (just December?) of Winter). I have also wanted to keep Winter at bay because that means Petal will be here! I'm so not ready to give up my little sleep I get! I have WAY too much to do to get ready for Petal’s arrival! This weekend Jeremy and I went with some of our friends to the Severs Corn Maze. It was so warm out, almost hot! Which seemed strange to be picking our pumpkins and staring at Fall d├ęcor. But, it was a blast. Here’s me and my approx. pumpkin bump. J

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