Friday, November 4, 2011


Ok - I know I haven't posted pictures of everything my Grandma made me. It's been a very hectic week for me. BUT, I will soon.

This weekend we're painting the nursery {finally}! I'm super excited! Although, I've begun to question my original choice of grey for the color... because it seems like EVERYONE I've talked to who is pregnant is talking about grey. I need to make up my mind. I'll chat with Jeremy and my mum about it. Hopefully we'll have a decision made ASAP so it can be painted and finished Saturday. :) I would LOVE to do one wall chalkboard paint. I just think it would be SOO fab to have a wall that is changeable and easily redecorated. Hopefully, once we’ve gotten the room painted, we can put together the crib and get everything in place. Then I will feel settled until Petal is here. I still would like a tree in the room… what do you think of this one?Our maternity photo shoot was Saturday. We had a blast! Here are a couple of the shots. I’m excited to get the rest. It was such a fun day... with beautiful weather. Especially for almost November in Minnesota!!

Couple of side notes:

-my co-worker from Embassy is in the hospital having her baby RIGHT now! J Yay!

-Baby Jayden’s open-heart surgery went really well yesterday. He should be able to go home within the next two weeks. Very exciting! If you want to read updates from Jordan go here:

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