Friday, November 18, 2011

One Project Closer!

I'm excited about this piece because it was mostly just because I needed something to do... lol. I made a pennant out of the fabric used throughout Petal's room and a couple other fabrics I had purchased which were options that were vetoed. Here's the process:
I took the selected fabric and used a stencil I made on cardstock to trace the shape into the fabric. Then, I cut two of each patterns (9 patterns, for a total of 18 flags). Laid them out in the order I wanted the flags hung. I used a hot glue gun to glue the pieces in place across a grey ribbon.

And voila - here's the finished project:

I'm not completely in-love with how it turned out, but it'll do. My mum, mother-in-law and Cari are using it for decor at my baby shower Saturday. :)

Update on my heart: it's still working. :) On Wednesday night it was 148/82 which is still ridiculously high. But, we had just walked about the hospital for 25 minutes so that could have caused my heart rate to be higher than it is supposed to be. Jeremy had his blood pressure taken - he was 120/60 - perfect. How ridiculous is that?

I have been trying to take it really low key. I'm beginning to dislike my couch (and STILL terribly messy home) because it becomes boring. Hence, the pennant made for Petal's room. I intend to run to the hardware store and pick up some piping for my Christmas wreath and make it this weekend. That will give me something chill to do, but I'll be doing something fun! :)

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