Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Symptoms III

Pregnancy. Along with all the joys, it brings a lot of changes to the body.

Big belly, big belly, big belly… I’ve never been so round in my life!

(side note; reactions to my baby belly: “It’s so weird, I’ve never seen you this big your whole life.” “Aww you’re tiny” (stop it, no really – say it again!!! “Wow, you’ve gotten fat.” Thank you, dearest Husband of mine.)

Up 2 cup sizes (cough, cough). Jeremy hates this.

Regular clothing doesn’t fit. Regular pants I can pull up, but the button seems to ignore the button hole like they’ve never been in a fight before. With this ginormous boobs my regular shirts don’t hold ‘em! J

World War III inside by belly! Baby M is a M-O-V-E-R! She hardly stops fidgeting. It keeps me entertained and knowing that she’s growing well inside of me! J

Sleepless nights filled with strange dreams and bathroom trips.

Lots of love for Baby M!

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