Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost 6 Months!

Here we are... almost six months! Tonight felt like a true Fall evening. We spent the night with my parents and Grace, Cari, Nick and their kiddies, my Aunt Donna and Uncle Dan and their kids and Grandson Brayden. Had to get in a picture of Cari and I. (Although, I looked terrible after working in the house allllllll weekend long!). Unfortunately, maternity jeans aren’t fitting me still and regular jeans I have to g-rid ‘em. These are regular jeans with a rubberband + maternity shirt (they are longer) – that’s a hint ladies. Maternity shirts are longer and hide your unzipped pants!

This weekend Jeremy and I took one massive 5 yd trailer load to the dump for garbage and one massive 5 yd trailer load to be donated. If any of his past roommates are looking for something they might have left behind – they need to check the local thrift store or dump. Let me tell you, each roommate left a CRAP LOAD of... crap! Sadly, two and a half years of marriage later and we are just getting to this. But, if feels absolutely fabulous! A HUGE Thank you to my parents and Grace who came out Friday afternoon for a short while and Saturday for a few hours to help us organize and clean as much as possible! The baby room is now solely occupied by baby stuff + one twin bed. Our garage is clean and organized. Our bonus room under the garage is getting there. Ken (my FIL) and Jeremy are building two closets down there for storage - yay! Can't wait to put the 3 large bins holding Jeremy's baseball card collection out of sight! I have NOTHING to store. ;) We’ll put all of our childhood, holiday d├ęcor and my lovely event planning collection in to those closets.

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