Friday, September 9, 2011

Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life...

Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life...

Bittersweet is the right way to put it.

Friday, September 16th will be my last day at Embassy Suites Bloomington.! I’m not sure if there should be a period or an exclamation point for that sentence… so I put them both. Bittersweet it is. After six years of being faithful at Embassy Suites I gladly accepted a meeting planner position with CH Robinson. My office will be in Eden Prairie, MN. I begin my journey with CH Robinson on Monday, September 19th (Jeremy’s Birthday). While I am THRILLED about my new position and how God opened these doors; I am sad to leave the stability, ease and comfort of being in a position after 6 years! I’ve enjoyed the people I work with and all of the opportunity I have been given while at Embassy Suites. I still have to figure out the workings of being pregnant and starting a new job – i.e. how my new employer will take my pregnancy, how to work insurance (a bit stressful) – PTL their insurance kicks in after 30 days of employment, not the usual 90!, how to handle my maternity leave.

Also, in the world of change for us – Jeremy’s job. I’m not sure it is fully known, but Jeremy was laid of the middle of July. He has yet to find a permanent position. He is “trying” out a job working with some people who we know from church. He isn’t positive whether he will stick with this company or not. Please pray that God would give him (us) wisdom as we walk through these changes and decisions in our lives.

Also, I’ve love some prayer. J I’ve been lonely, lonesome by myself of late. Jeremy has been in IA – on the Omaha border “testing” out this job… leaving me by my lonesome at home. I’m fine with him traveling (he’s traveled our entire relationship), but it doesn’t get a bit sad every night by yourself + he’s gone on the weekend plenty often + we’ve had an “intruder”/peeping-tom in the area lately. CREEPS me out! thank the Lord for Sasha and her alert at any sort of noise around/near the house!

A couple side (prayer) notes;

1. Today my friend Rachel was induced to begin labor with her baby boy. Baby Fleig has a condition with his heart which the doctors are saying he will require open-heart surgery immediately after he is born. We are believing for a miracle. Rachel was induced because the doctors were concerned about his heart rate and lack of activity of the heart. Please pray for Rachel, Jordan and baby Fleig.

2. Earlier this week my friend Joya’s mom lost her house in the wildfire near Bastrop, Texas. Joya was born and raised in Bastrop and her mom’s house was consumed by the wildfire along with some 1,000 homes in the area. Thankfully, Tricia is safe and everyone is alright, but rebuilding and starting over is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome. Prayer for her would be great! J

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