Monday, April 30, 2012

Working Mom Blues

Being a working Mom has its ups and downs.  Being a working Mom with an insane personal life has even fluctuation of emotions tied to it.  Since my dad had his stroke two months ago, I feel like our entire lives have been turned upside down - on top of having a newborn, who herself was in the hospital.  I have begun to realize how much I would love to stay home and cuddle all day with care for my Harper.  I never thought I would be a stay at home mom, but I would definitely relish that opportunity.  I assume if I did stay at home, I would being very active in MOPS, spending time with Cari and her children, my Mum and Grace and finding volunteer opportunities.  Right now, Jeremy has that privilege; being a stay at home dad.  He is loving it.  Harper is loving it.  I am jealous being thankful for it; as if active state.
Being a working Mom, 1.5-2 hours of my day with this as my view:

I begin to dislike repetitive nature of it all... the constant pumping, cleaning and repeating.  But I always remember; I am SO thankful we are saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by breast feeding Harper, not to mention all of the medicinal/health benefits... plus, that special bonding time I have with my love is sooo important.  I wouldn't trade it for ease of my current state life.  I am enjoying this sacrifice for my little love bug. 

And of course, I can’t help but melt every day when I get home from work to this:  

Or, enjoy a moment like this:

By the way, Harper has been enjoying her Lifetime Fitness membership.  She is a favorite baby in their childcare center(s) and regularly enjoys the pool.  J In fact, they will often “find room” for Harper even if infant spots aren’t available in childcare.  It’s a huge blessing for both Jeremy and I.  We are able to work out, he gets a short break during the day and we really enjoy the pool.  I can’t wait for Harper to enjoy swimming in the pool and at the cabin this Summer!  I hope she’s as much fish as her daddy and I are and as much sun worshipper as I am! 

Here’s her Lifetime member photo:
Gosh, my babe is a Rock Star!

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