Thursday, May 10, 2012

28 is Great.

Well, I am one year closer to 30!  I have accomplished sooo many things in my lovely 28 years.  I am proud of a lot and regretful of some… but, I was taught by my Grandma Brown, “Never regret anything you do.  Or, you’ll end up regretting your life away.  Always learn from your mistake.  Just don’t make those mistakes again.”  I strive to live my life that way.
Here are a few things I had on my to-do list during my 20’s:
1.       Hold a job for 5 years (Embassy Suites)
2.       Live on my own (in Eden Prairie, Texas and Edina)
3.       Live with girlfriends I adore (Eden Prairie and Edina)
4.       Live out of MN, away from family (Texas)
5.       Go to college (in progress)
6.       Own a house, make it a home (I’d say this is always in progress)
7.       Get fit (and then I got unfit and preggo!  This a is a re-work in progress)
8.      Learn a new language
9.       Get married (Jeremy)
10.   Stay married past the 1 year mark (Yup! 3 years in…  I had so many friends get divorced right off the bat.  I didn’t want that for my life.)
11.    Feed the homeless (did that!)
12.    Give to the needy (awesome SA outreach I did with a small group… we blessed a family for Christmas)
13.    Have a baby (Harper)
14.    Receive an award (Diamond Service Award, and I was nominated again)
15.    Live by a budget (still a work in progress)
16.    Learn scripture (still a work in progress)
17.    Become closer to God(still a work in progress)
18.   Learn to be more diligent(still a work in progress)
19.    Be kind(still a work in progress)
20.   Be courageous, loving and compassionate (still a work in progress)

Well, after revisiting these thoughts… I’ve officially created a new 30 before 30 list!  I want to live life to the fullest and truly be intentional with everything I do.  I’m tired of just existing… I want to live.
1.       Go sky diving
2.       Visit Europe with Jeremy
3.       Take another girls trip!  Somewhere fun, warm and relaxing.  With my best of girlfriends and sister maybe?
4.       Memorize more scripture.  I know this isn’t really definitive, but I don’t have a set amount I want to memorize.  I just want to be more intentional about it.
5.       Visit a Spanish speaking country with Jeremy…
6.       Get out of debt… completely.  Stash more cash in the bank!
7.       Buy a new house.  Rent or sell our current house.
8.      See the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore.
9.       Be intentional with family.  Spending more time and focus on them and their needs.  Cherishing our time together on a higher level.
10.   Take Guitar lessons.  Ok, I’m not exactly a musician.  But, I really think it’d be cool to at least learn a little bit of strumming and learn how to at least play Kum-by-ya by the bon fire, right?
11.    Start an Etsy account and be accomplished… actually selling on a regular basis.
12.    Swim with dolphins.
13.    Visit Hawaii (or some tropic paradise far away… Bora, Bora maybe?)
14.    Read one book a month.  Read Ulysses by James Joyce.
15.    Re-read through the Bible.  Be diligent with a quiet time.  More time with God and the Bible.
16.    Take singing lessons.
17.    Take a family vacation; Jeremy, Harper and me.
18.   Keep my house organized and immaculate.  Dump, donate and designate everything.  Be diligent with this.
19.    Take 1000 pictures to retain amazing memories.
20.   Get the ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aide mixer.  Make homemade ice cream.  Often.
21.    Discover Harper’s love language and make intentional efforts to show her love in meaningful ways.
22.   Make intentional efforts to show Jeremy love in meaningful ways – to correlate to his love language(s).
23.   Re-invigorate my writing.  Get published.  Or, maybe get followed is a better stance.
24.   Live selflessly and caringly.  I want to be known as someone who is courageous, compassionate, caring and forgiving.
25.   Find a missionary family we believe in and begin to support them.  Financially and spiritually.
26.   Get a solid budget.  Find a balance between frugality and hoarding.
27.   Buy a piano.  Relearn how to play.
28.   Plan life-charts for Harpsicle.  Growth, chore, Bible study, learning, life… I want to be intentional about her life.
29.   Learn something new.  I am not sure exactly what I would like this to be… but I want to learn a new trade or language maybe.
30.   Speaking of… Reinvigorate my Spanish.  I gotta whip out that Rosetta Stone!

I only have two years to do a lot… Better get started right away!

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