Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Pregnant, Not Just Pudgy

So, for the past few weeks I've begun to wish I constantly wore a shirt that said, "I'm pregnant, not just pudgy." Hmm... maybe I'll make one.

About a week and half ago, Jeremy and I saw my girlfriend's in-laws who were in town from out of state. We celebrated my friend's son's 4th Birthday! (Crazy to think I have friends with children who are 4, or starting First Grade and even a nephew who just started Kindergarten this week! I’m getting old.) We sat and chatted for a bit and Jeremy said, “Well, you know, we are expecting our first in January, right?” To which a response was given, “Oh good, I just thought she was eating too much and it was starting to stick in the mid-section.” In. All. Seriousness. It wasn’t a joke. Granted, I’ve heard a bit from Mister before and this isn’t out of the norm but I almost flipped out! So, I laughed it off said “Screw you,” and “Aren’t you getting a little ‘round” in the mid-section yourself?” under my breath. How sweet of him to notice. I’m 5 months pregnant!

I finally forced myself to try on maternity clothes. (See photo. Ignore lazy eye.) Let me tell you, you might not look so pregnant, until you put maternity clothes on! I believe they are made to beam a spotlight accentuate very nicely your ‘mid-section’ which is growing and gaining enough attention from anyone who knows your pregnant, let alone the random person in line at Target behind you.

As of yesterday, I officially have to wear a rubber band. Or a belly band. But those are just annoying. The whole rubber band solution works much better. But, I have had to force myself into a couple maternity t-shirts because they are longer and cover up my completely unzipped/unbuttoned jeans!

4 days ‘til we find out what we are having! My Grandma has graciously offered to sew up the necessary items for the baby’s crib, windows, etc… Thankfully, that will save us a couple hundred $$!

I can’t wait to find out so I can go pick everything out! J

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