Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a Girl-o

Baby Menz is a girl! Or as my niece Emilie would say, “It’s a Girl-o!” Today we had the great joy of seeing our baby in all her glory this afternoon. My father-in-law, Ken, my mum, Jeremy and I went to our 20 week ultrasound at 1:30 PM today. Baby M is not only a girl, but she is healthy and perfect.

The Doctor’s only concern is that she isn’t head down… but that is something that could change with any movement she makes. Let me tell you, she takes after her dad already – she moves constantly. I am not sure Jeremy thought I was serious when I said she was always moving… until seeing the ultra sound and she was constantly moving. There’s a large flat screen TV in the room for mommy-to-be to view her baby while the ultrasound is happening. Which is so amazing to watch your baby and not just feeling what is happening. Seeing all the action is so much better. Thank God for eyes! We saw everything; baby’s heart, all 4 valves, arteries going in/out of her heart, stomach, bladder (which are functioning… guess getting pee’d on the inside is getting me ready to be pee’d on in the future?), her eyes, mouth, lips, head, spine, arms, legs, hands, feet… all in perfect condition! You’ll see the profile picture with her hand extending from her face (maybe sucking her thumb?). The next one is her foot.

By saying we saw our baby ‘in all her glory’, I meant it. Literally. Baby girl is NOT modest. Not sure if that comes from Jeremy or me or both… uh oh! Maybe that’s a bad thing! She was showing off her privates, with not a speck of care for who saw. You can tell by the picture, it looks like she is sitting on the camera, basically. They call it a hamburger… to buns and the (two lines show a vagina) fixings.

So, a little girl it is! Tomorrow, my sister finds out the sex of her baby – due the same day as our baby girl. Can’t wait!

(picture 1 - profile w/ hand near face. picture 2 - foot (print) with hand in front of toes. picture 3 - girl-o parts. not shy!)

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