Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flips and Fluttering Feet

For the past few weeks I’ve felt little flutters and possible kicks… but I haven’t been quite sure. Kinda, is that my stomach or gas or what-have-you… Until last week. Week 17. I officially felt baby move and that was no little flutter. That was a full fledged flip! I could tell by how the baby moved that he flipped himself over. Of course, I put my hand on my stomach and could feel the movement inside as well as the baby pushing against my stomach. What an amazing feeling… to feel how alive he is inside of me. He’s a mover! That’s for sure.

Friday night Jeremy and I went to the drive-in with several friends. Halfway through the first movie ‘lil mister started moving quite a bit. So, Jeremy put his hand on my stomach and waited. Within a minute, he felt the baby moving! I wish I could have captured his expression. Pure joy and pride. Jeremy was absolutely excited. He immediately started talking to the baby. He told me later that it makes it feel real. It was a fabulous moment to share together. Now, at least, Jeremy knows my morning sickness wasn’t all fake.

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