Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seven Months!

  ·         Running about the house in the walker
  ·         Laughter.  It fills our house and echos off of the walls.  It makes Mama so happy.
  ·         Being silly and laughing about it, you pull funny (or at least to you) pranks and laugh about doing whatever it is you’ve done.
  ·         You visited the cabin and played in the water the ENTIRE day Saturday… only took breaks for naps!  The weather was gorgeous and you were blissfully happy.
  ·         Almost every Saturday was spent at Lifetime pool with Auntie Gracie.  You shyly watch others swim and play in the pool, until you’re comfortable. T hen, you are unleashed and swim about!  Your little legs cannot move fast enough, your arms splash about.  It makes me happy to see you enjoying it so much.
  ·         You’ve begun to recognize other people, not just Mama and Daddy.  Auntie Gracie is a favorite of yours.  Just hearing her voice on the phone makes you smile!
  ·         Teeth… are both the joy and pain in our lives.  You’ve gotten one fully through and the other has made it’s appearance just above your gums, but not enough to be utilized yet. 
  ·         You love to eat!  Carrots, broccoli and peaches are your favorites.  You like rice cereal.  You dislike peas… but eat them when you’re hungry!
·         Sitting up and moving around are you accomplishments.  You’ve begun to roll a few rolls about the room (wherever we are) to see what’s going on and what you might discover.
·         You love the camera.  Your 6th month pictures were a hit! You laughed and posed, just as a babe should.  You batted your long eye lashes and played shy at just the right moment.
·         Crying doesn’t seem to be something you are aware of.  You ignore bumps and laugh more than a cry is made.  You giggle when Daddy walks into the room.  Beg for his (or anyone’s) attention.
·         You love to sit in your cradle in your room and play while Mommy puts laundry away. 

I am so thankful for you, Harper Kendall.  God is teaching me more about myself, my parents and life each day.  I go to bed nightly wishing I could have done the day better, because of you.  I’m learning to find a balance to being content and striving for more.  I fight off wanting to keep you to myself, shelter you from anything bad and learning that someday you won’t be mine to hold.  I wish every moment I am home with you were twice as long and triple the enjoyment.  When I get tired and wish for you to nap, I instantly remember I’ll be missing you while you’re sleeping.  I love your eyes dancing about this world learning everything around you.  Friendships are being formed and life lessons have begun to be learned.  Mama feels inadequate to be your mom, but I believe God has brought you to me with a purpose.  You’re teaching me more than I can begin to teach you.  I love you to the moon and back.  I call you are healthy, whole, wise and happy. 

We believe:
You ARE smart.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE important.
You ARE special.
You ARE the best!

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