Saturday, May 12, 2012

Four Months!

·         You hold EVERYTHING.  Chew EVERYTHING.  And have begun to laugh at your toys.  You love reading books.  The pictures seem to draw you in… it’s amazing to watch your eyes light up as the pages turn.  You’ve even begun to try to turn the pages.  That’s my favorite thing to watch.  I hope you love books as much as Mommy does. 
·         Mastering thumb sucking!  You fist, your fingers, your thumb – whatever you can figure out at the moment, you enjoy chewing on it!  Which leads me to… Teething.  Drool.  Sore gums.  Chewing on just about anything you can reach, often your blanket – but Mommy has been better about giving you specific crunchy blanky from Nana or a burp cloth… better they are wet than your blankets!
·         Regularly sleeping through the night.  Most nights you sleep from 8:30 PM to 8:30 AM – HALLELUJAH!  (this could be attributed to the thumb sucking and pacifying yourself back to sleep instead of waking up enough to nurse)  Although, Mommy is typically dying to nurse by the time you wake-up, I’m thoroughly enjoying sleeping!  J
·         First concert – April 19 – Love War Concert, Dawna Johnson, Charmaine, Jonathan Thulin.  J  You were in awe of the music, lights and action.
·         Three month pictures!  Your second photo-shoot.  Oh how you love the camera.  Daddy and I are thrilled by this.  A camera or cell phone shows up in your face and you light up!
·         First Wedding.  First funeral.  First Burial.  First time at a cemetery.  First time at a Military Fort.  Daddy’s Step-Grandpa Dell passed away and you went to his funeral and went to Ft. Snelling for his interment.  You also went to Amanda Poncin and Charlie Moore’s wedding, also at Ft. Snelling.  You loved the ceremony.  You stared at the bride walking down the aisle and watched the (thankfully, only 20 min) ceremony intently… already swooning like a girly-girl.  Mommy is NOT ready for you to head towards marriage, let alone begin liking boys!
·         First time eating real food!  You ate yams at dinner with Mommy and Daddy.  You sat begging so Mommy finally caved and gave you a bite.  Then, you kept begging and begging for more!
·         First hike outside.  You loved trumping through the woods with Daddy in the Baby Bjorn.  You are enthralled with trees and everything that moves; birds, animals, the wind…
·         First time in the Johnny Jumper!  YOU LOVE it.  J It’s so fun for Mommy and Daddy to watch. 
·         Talking to Sasha.  You called out to Sasha as she walked passed you!  You were in the Johnny Jumper and called out to the dog.  You’ve really begun to find you voice.  It’s adorable. Sometimes when you yell speak louder than you’ve expected, you startle yourself.  J
·         First BBQ!  It wasn’t anything too exciting and it was a full-fledged outdoors thing because the night ended up cold, but we had a BBQ with church friends.  You enjoyed all the attention you received.  J
·         Second set of footprints were stamped on Saturday, April 21st.
·         Your first official giggle fest!  You were cracking up when Liz Edenfield held you and Jade entertained you.  It was super cute.  You got these belly laughs that were so cute, made me want to record it so I could listen to it forever!
·         First Going Away Party.  You were excited to see Auntie Mandy, but almost as sad as Mommy about the party.  ;)  Auntie Mandy and Uncle Austin are moving to Florida for the Air Force.  We went to their Surprise Going Away Party.
·         You’ve begun to use new noises and sounds.  Your sweet little voice now comes out a bit easier and more controlled.  Your cry has grown from a sad little newborn cry to a baby-toddler squawk.  You get animated and excited and use your voice to share how you feel.  I love to sit and have conversations with you after work.  You are always so happy to share all about your day with me.
·         First time staying up until ALMOST mid-night.  Mommy felt like a terrible Mom, but you were SO chipper.  Mommy and Daddy had a hot date to see the Avengers.  We got back to Grandma & Grandpa Menz’s house about 11:15 PM and you were wide awake… playing with Grandma. 
·         First time being watched by someone other than family – Lifetime Fitness child care so Daddy and Mommy can work on their fitness.  J  Uncle Kyle and Auntie Bailey while Daddy got a massage at Mystic and Mommy worked.  A massage Mommy was given and gave to Daddy!

I am so thankful for you, Harper Kendall.  I am in awe of how much my life has grown and progressed not only since I first found out you were forming inside of me, but since I held you for that first time, January 6 at 5:46 in the morning.  I am thankful for God’ protection over your life, His plans for your future and everything that life will teach you.  I pray that we are strong, able and wise parents… that we can lead you and guide you in the way that God wills for us to.  I pray that we show you unconditional love, compassion, reverence for God, humility, that we encourage continued growth and provide discipline that guides and directs your life.  I can’t wait to see your personality shine even more every day.  I find immense joy just watching you sleep, let alone playing with you!  You don’t have to do anything to earn my love, it’s yours forever, uncondintionally and an overabundance.  I call you are healthy, whole, wise and happy. 

We believe:
You ARE smart.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE important.
You ARE special.
You ARE the best!

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