Friday, March 2, 2012

Two Months!

Two months…

People often told me, “Once you have kids, life just flies by.” But, I can truly attest this does happen; most likely due to semi-sleepless nights, continual diaper changes, nursing sessions and lots of TV series on Netflix. J

Here are some of Harper Kendall’s feats for her second month:

  • going to MOPS

  • going to the Mall of America with Grandma and Mommy

  • spending the day cuddling with Hanky Panky. Mommy proudly watched 3 kids under 15 months at once! Mommy also accomplished nursing a baby and bottle feeding a baby at the same time. Overachiever!

  • First time in an excersaucer!

  • learning to talk, you love to have conversations and have become quite a Chatty Cathy. You are especially talkative around 9/10 in the morning and 7/8 at night

  • Officially watching the entire series of Jericho, all previous seasons of While Collar, most of Prison Break and LOTS of Ellen. Mommy loves Ellen and Daddy pretends he doesn’t.

  • Going to Ms. Kate and Zachary’s house.

  • ALMOST doubling your weight. You’re definitely double Zachary Washleski’s size!

  • Going to your first restaurant

  • Going to Punch Pizza

  • Going to your first Birthday parties! Cousin Emilie and Isaaks at Dan and Beka’s house. You got to meet someone 100 years older than you! Mr. Halvard.
He was Great-Grandma Brown’s friend and Auntie Beka’s Grandpa (Bestafar). Then, you went to an “Adult Birthday Party” for Anthony at McCoy’s. Mommy forgot her nursing shall and had to embarrass Daddy nursing with a blanket. You pooped through while Lesley was holding you and Auntie Mandy helped me change you. Daddy shared a WHOLE lot about Mommy’s vagina labor and delivery.

  • Going to Saturday morning coffee with Mommy’s girlfriends. Audrey and Dawn loved meeting you for the first time.

  • Crying the entire meeting with Mommy and her boss before she returned to work! Naughty.

  • Tracking. You’ve begun to watch Sasha as she saunters about our house. You aren’t fond of her yet, but at least know she’s there. You make Mommy’s heart melt each time you find me in a room and smile at the sight of me. You would rather watch Daddy anytime as he walks past over Sasha or Mommy though.

  • Your first walk outside with Nana, Auntie Gracie and Mommy! You wouldn’t have known though. You were so bundled in tight and slept the entire time. It was a “warm” MN day – 38F!

  • Changed Daddy’s mind on letting his future daughter date as a teenager. It’s become 25 at the earliest! Mommy always knew you couldn’t date until you were moved out of our house!

  • You met your Great-Grandma Menz for the first time! And learned that you’re related to Mr. Sibley (Minnesota founder) himself! It’s Daddy’s Great-Great Uncle.

  • You got the flu and threw up on Mommy at MOPS. Then graciously gave Mommy your flu. Thankfully, Nana came and rescued you from Mommy while Daddy worked with Grandpa.

  • LOTS of visits to Buzz

  • Nanna baby-sat you while Daddy and Mommy went to the Valentine’s Banquet. It was Mommy’s first time wearing heels since before you were born and first time trying to dress up with her big boobies since being pregnant.

  • Slept 8.5 hours straight at night!

I am so thankful for you, Harper. I am loving the little person you are becoming. It’s a joy to see your personality, demeanor and temperament beginning to present themselves. You are truly THE BEST baby! We are thankful for you and blessed to call you ours. We think Everyone is jealous of how easy a baby you are. Auntie Cari is for sure! She tells me to trade you with Hanky Panky for a few days (he gets up a lot at night)! Your beauty astounds me, your joy is contagious and my love for you amazes me. I call you healthy, whole, wise and happy.

We believe:

You ARE smart.

You ARE beautiful.

You ARE important.

You ARE special.

You ARE the best!

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