Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pregnancy Suggestions

Pregnancy Recommendations

I’m no expert, but I’ve done it once before. So, here’s what I learned.

It. Will. End. Yes, pregnancy ends at some point. As much as it seems to last forever, don’t wish away your pregnancy. It truly is gone before you know it! Enjoy every moment and relish this bonding time with your baby.
Water – in any way shape or form possible… whether it’s bottled water, flavored water, sparkling water. Hydration makes your pregnancy much easier. It eliminates headaches, achey bodies and helps you function better.
A Humidifier - We used the Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Degree Humidifier for most of my pregnancy and since Harper has been born. Especially in the Winter months, it’ll help keep your skin moisturized and stave of sickness. Jewell (the singer) swears if your nostrils become dry you get nose bleeds and catch colds easier. The “sprayers” for the humidity rotate in a 360 pattern, which makes positioning the humidifier sups easy.
Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy – out of the several pregnancy books I read, this one I trul enjoyed. It is funny and easy to read and relate to. It give you great insight on what to expect.
Bringing Up Bebe
– Oh, America. Why can’t you get raising children right? This book has a very interesting view on French parenting. I grew up overseas and especially enjoyed this book because I could relate to the differences I know from my experiences.
A Body Pillow – get one early and get a good one. If you don’t care for body pillows, then find yourself a couple gooood pillows you truly love. And hoard them from buy your husband his own.
The Gap – maternity clothes done right. Alright, they’ll be more expensive but sooo worth it.
EXERCISE – if you did before continue, if you didn’t start (slowly at first)! You don’t want to ruin that pretty little body of yours, now do you? You don’t want gestational diabetes and you don’t want a 20 lb baby. And, you want to lose that weight right after delivery, don’t you? Keep it simple, if you must and find any form of exercise if you can’t seem to get to the gym. Walking the mall, power cleaning your house, strolling the neighborhood with your baby daddy…
Enjoy weeks 36-40 – yes, they seem to take an entire 40 weeks themselves, but you’ll never get those precious moments back. Enjoy being childless (or the one, two, three… children you already have) for a few more days. Enjoy your husband’s company without distraction. Have lots of uninterrupted sex. Yup. That baby will be born and cry every time you THINK or don’t think about sex.
Stretch – stretching helps with delivery in more ways than one. Being limber will help you in holding your legs and pushing during delivery. And, you’ll feel less sore afterwards. I would suggest this article about “stretching” as it will help with your delivery AND recovery.
Buy Used! – Ok, I know many of you are freaked about buying used anything. I was still am too. But, I found a BRAND new stroller, plastic wrap and all, at a So, find one near you and check it out! They have strict regulations for their consignors and the prices are decent. Sign up for the First Time Moms Sale to ensure the best selection!

Last couple tips: save your maternity clothes for future pregnancies. BUY maternity clothes and don’t try to wear your regular stuff. You’ll permanently stretch shirts out and ruin zippers on your favorite skinny jeans… not that I would know from experience, or anything. Find another pregnant friend, neighbor, stranger to share in the experience with. Ask questions of those who traveled this road before you. Even the most embarrassing questions needs to be answered! Find someone you trust. Respect your body when it says it’s hungry, tired, sore and act accordingly. Don’t overdo it.

Enjoy your baby kicks and flips! You’ll have that baby delivered and in your hands before you know it!

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