Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Six Months Later

WOWZA! Has it really been six months since I blogged? I can't believe it! Needless to say, life has been very busy chasing after a newly-2-year-old! I'm loving it. Each and every moment is new and surprising. TWO! TWO! • You are smart, beyond your two years. You know almost every animal sound. You know most colors. You are quite gi
rlie – you love pink and purple. You are quickly learning your colors and numbers. You being counting (for hide-and-seek) with five, six, seven… • You LOVE playing hide-and-seek. Even at the store. And don’t come out even when I am yelling for you to come out! Oh child… be still my heart. • Like I said, you are quite girlie – you love hair, make-up, dressing up fancy and looking at yourself in the mirror. You love to “do hair”, playing and fixing it all day! • You are potty training. You dislike being told to go potty but will quickly run when you need to. I’ve learned we do things on your time, Ms. Independent. • You like asking/saying/repeating Why?. No Thanks to your dad! “Do you want to know why Harper?” • You know when people are happy, sad, frustrated, fighting and are being kind. • We are working on always being kind. Why? Because it’s what God wants us to do. Why? Because being kind is so much more enjoyable than being mean. Why? Because we always feel bad when we are mean to someone else. Why? Because we want to be treated kindly by others. Why? Because I said so! • You are a MAma! Your baby(doll) is the best taken care of baby in the world! She constantly has a clean diaper, is fed, read to and prayed for! I wish I was as good of a Mum as you. Your baby rests her head on your pillow each night and is kissed to sleep. You love her so. • You are in charge. Your independence, strive for success and are sure signs of your bright future! You don’t let obstacles stand in your way. You find a way to make sure things turn out well. • You love your family. Your chitter chatter is constantly about Nana, Papa, Grace, Aubrey, Auntie Jessica, Grampa, Grama, Claire-bear, Emi, Auntie Cari, Hank, Jack and Nuckle Nick. • You are grateful. You remember who gave you what and who did what for you. • Speaking of… you have an elephant’s memory! Geez girl! I am positive you remember turning one because you’ll randomly say things about something that happened months prior! • You repeat everything. Thank goodness the worst you’ve said was “Geez Nana” after I said so (while waiting 30+ minutes for an airport pick-up). • You are caring and compassionate. You notice others in need. You try to put a smile on strangers’ faces. And most often do. • You are beautiful. I know I am your Mama and quite biast. But you are just simply beautiful. Your eyes are like a deep sea. Your blonde curly hair is unruly and all together beautiful. • You melt my heart when you come give me your random hugs and kisses. Your little voice telling me “Luvb you Mama” sometimes I can’t even handle. I am so thankful for you, Harper Kendall. I call you healthy, whole, wise and happy. I pray God teaches you to love without abandon. That you learn to have a sweet heart after Christ. That you always serve others and don’t allow people to influence you negatively. I pray your love for your Mama and Daddy grows. I love your precious spirit and pray God protect you from the world we live in. I love you to beyond the moon. You are the height of each day and the depth of each night. You are a light and joy. We believe: You ARE smart. You ARE beautiful. You ARE important. You ARE special.

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