Sunday, July 21, 2013

I’m guilty of…

...letting Harper watch a “show” on TV while eating breakfast, especially when it’s day 5 of 8 single-parenting while Jeremy is out of town. Ok, I lie.  When it’s day 2-8 of 8 single-parenting.

...letting Harper stay up waaaay too late, just so I can get more time with her. I’m a selfish-working mom.

...wishing I could live in comfy clothes, play with friends or no one but Harper for days, maybe even a week at a time. And, wishing I could take a nap every day.

...not answering the phone, because I don't feel like using another ounce of energy to talk to anyone. Telling Jeremy I am too tired to “talk” when I walk in the door from work.  My poor, work-from-home/adult interaction deprived husband.  Sigh…

...fighting with Jeremy who will run to the store for any last minute needed items, just to have a moment to myself. Harper PB&J for lunch. And dinner. And Harper loves it.

...bribing Harper with a bike ride, park or pool outing, just so she won’t fuss while getting dressed. 

…HATING that she’s learned how to fuss, this Summer.  I fully blame a certain cousin…

...being jealous of the "hobbies" my husband indulges in while I spend time with Harper.  I feel way too guilty to take MORE time away from Harper than I already do for work.

...(on that note)not nearly spending enough time taking care of myself, like I should. Gym time, doctor, dentist, haircuts, waxes… all have been put on the back burner.  Sorry friends, family and anyone I ever see.  Ever.

...feeling guilty about everything I do as a mom. Feeling like I’m not the most put-together, green/eco-friendly, cost-conscious, smiley Mom.  Then, I am reminded “not to feel like any other mom is ‘shaking her avocado at me’”.

...skipping a meal because I just have the energy to make something and I’ve already made Harper her dinner.

...feeling like there will never be enough money to cover the bills, the needed upkeep and/or repairs let alone “fun” stuff like visiting friends, family and simply taking a vacation. Or, going out to eat.

...really not liking what my body is like post-baby.  Wishing repeatedly Harper had come Dec 31, 2011 because I wouldn’t have stretch marks.

...fantasizing about my dream home! Almost every minute of every day.  Ok, ANY new home.

...not being thankful and grateful enough for what we do have. Our house. Our beautiful baby.  Jobs. Family.

...not trusting God enough.

...not praying enough.

...wanting my house to always be clean and perfect, or at least seem that way. Not cleaning or keeping up with my house.

...getting mad at Sasha because she is so dirty! I could have a much cleaner house if the darn dog  didn’t shed so much!!

...leaving wet laundry in the washing machine too long and then having to re-wash it. And re-wash it.

...not having enough patience. Kindness. Trust.

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