Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby Names

My sister, Cari, niece, Emilie, and I were discussing baby names this week. As we are both pregnant.

Emilie was telling me all of the names of the kids in her class… i.e. David, Silas (Bible names have come in style!), Sarah, Emma, Ava, Tryu (I have NO idea and no idea how to spell it either), etc…

Cari suggested a baby name, asking Emilie’s opinion of the name. “What about Gertude, Emilie?”

Emilie clasped her hands together, tilted her head to the side and with a look of pure joy said, “I love that name.”

I stared at Cari thinking… well, I hope your baby enjoys being called “Gertie” because I will never have a baby named Gertrude!

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