Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Pregnancy symptoms. Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way. Some fabulous. Some, not as much. I can’t complain… that much. Here is what I’ve gone through so far:

Morning all-day sickness.

Vomiting. (Let me say, the part about being sick with the flu and throwing up, you feel better… with pregnancy you only feel worse after throwing up.)


No desire for sex.

Constant need to eat combined with repulsion to former favorite - any food (Mexican – this is truly a tragedy)

Sore breasts.

Cramps. Some period like. Others, clearly my uterus’ growing pains. Typically, on the left side.

Tiredness. Exhaustion.

Emotions. Thankfully, I’ve recognized the moments I’ve felt (overly) emotional and pre-warned Jeremy. Or rather, Jeremy is thankful.

Those are just the “bad” things. Everything else is exciting and new. Mostly I’m just wishing and waiting for the time that I actually feel the baby move and look pregnant. Not just … pudgy.

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