Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Jeremy and I had just returned from a long weekend away to celebrate our Anniversary. 2 years of marriage. The good. The bad. The difficult. The fun. The enjoyable moments. We had a fabulous weekend in Northern MN.

I spent the weekend running (12 - 8 - 10 miles), getting pampered, taking long bicycle rides with Jeremy, riding through the Northern Woods in MN Iron Range, watching deer, shooting guns, sleeping (not as much as I wanted), eating... although, only a bit, but mostly – feeling sick.

Camps. My boobs hurt. I felt sick around any sort of food. I got winded easily, with the exception of running. I could run 12 miles like a pro… without difficulty, but walking up a flight of stairs I was completely winded. I had my period in April, a light period. So I thought I had to have been barely (3 weeks tops) pregnant.

We came home. Sunday. Mother’s Day. I said to myself, “Well, today’s as good of day to find out I’m going to be a mother as any other, right?” So, I took a test.

One line. Two lines. Pregnant. I almost threw up in the bathroom sink. I already really knew that I was pregnant. Just didn’t have confirmation of it. “Great.” I thought, “Now, I have to go spend a couple hours with my family and Jeremy’s parents to celebrate Mother’s Day. Get your act together!” I was in a daze.

Just as I thought, throughout that night my mum asked me a couple times if I was alright. I told her I was just tired from our long drive home after the weekend away.

Happy Mother-to-be Day. A happy one, it truly was. J

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